MIFID II – KE zwraca projekty RTS do ESMA

MIFID II – KE zwraca projekty RTS do ESMA

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Komisja Europejska w dniu 17 marca 2016 r. poinformowała Parlament Europejski, że zwróciła do poprawy do ESMA projekty regulacyjnych standardów technicznych dotyczących przejrzystości non-equity oraz na zwolnienie dodatkowej działalności i limitów pozycji. Markus Ferber (sprawozdawca PE ds. MIFID II) wyjaśnił:

„I am glad to see that the European Commission takes the concerns of the European Parliament seriously. The latest drafts were far from being acceptable for the European Parliament. Especially the position limits regime urgently needs a comprehensive redrafting in order to effectively curb food speculation. So far, neither ESMA or the Commission have managed to deliver. The latest drafts were just not up to standard and would not have solved the problem at all. The Commission is right to be afraid of the technical standards being rejected by the European Parliament – hence, further work is necessary. I expect ESMA to revisit those technical standards swiftly, thoroughly and to adapt them in line with the European Parliaments remarks. However, the redrafting must not lead to further delaying the overall MiFID II timeline. The European Parliament’s concerns on this topic were known and available for quite some time. Therefore, Commission and ESMA could have easily acted earlier.”

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