Nowe Q&A ESMA w sprawie MAR

Nowe Q&A ESMA w sprawie MAR

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20 grudnia ESMA opublikowała nowe Q&A w sprawie Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). (Link tutaj)

ESMA odpowiada na poniższe pytania:

***NEW*** Question 3 [last update 20 December 2016]: When calculating whether the threshold triggering the notification obligation under Article 19(1) of MAR is reached (5.000 EUR or 20.000 EUR), should the transactions carried out by a person discharging managerial responsibilities (PDMR) and by closely associated persons to that PDMR be aggregated?

***NEW*** Question 4 [last update 20 December 2016]: Which are the rules to calculate the price of gifts, donations and inheritance for the purpose of the notifications and disclosure of managers’ transactions under Article 19 of MAR?

***NEW*** Question 5 [last update 20 December 2016]: Do shares received by a PDMR as part of a remuneration package have to be notified pursuant to Article 19(1) MAR and Article 10(2)(i) Commission Regulation 2016/522 only upon the occurrence of certain conditions?

***NEW*** Question 5 [last update 20 December 2016]: Do communications to clients containing purely factual information on one or several financial instrument or issuers constitute an ‘investment recommendation’ under MAR?

***NEW*** Question 6 [last update 20 December 2016]: Do communications intended for distribution channels or for the public which only report or refer to previously disseminated investment recommendation and do not include any new elements of opinion or valuation or confirmation of a previous opinion or valuation constitute an investment recommendation under MAR?

***NEW*** Question 7 [last update 20 December 2016]: Are recommendations relating to derivatives traded solely outside a trading venue in scope of Article 20 of MAR?

***NEW*** Question 8 [last update 20 December 2016]: Where a recommendation relates to a derivative, how should it be determined whether a recommendation has been given on the same financial instrument, for the purposes of complying with Article 4(1)(h) of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/958?


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