Porozumienie KE i CFTC w sprawie CCP

Porozumienie KE i CFTC w sprawie CCP

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Komisja Europejska oraz CFTC (The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission) osiągnęły porozumienie w sprawie wymogów dla CCP (central clearing counterparties).

Jonathan Hill (Komisarz europejski ds. stabilności finansowej, usług finansowych i unii rynków) ogłosił: “This is an important step forward for global regulatory convergence. It means that European CCPs will be able to do business in the United States more easily and that US CCPs can continue to provide services to EU companies. It has taken a long time, but it is good news that after more than three years of discussion, we are now able to provide certainty for the marketplace. I am grateful to Chairman Massad and his team for all their work in helping us get to this point”.

Idea umowy i kolejne kroki zostały wskazane jak następuje: “Following this agreement the European Commission intends to adopt shortly an equivalence decision with respect to CFTC requirements for US CCPs which will allow ESMA to recognise US CCPs as soon as is practicable. Once recognised by ESMA, US CCPs may continue to provide services in the EU whilst complying with CFTC requirements. The CFTC staff will propose a determination of comparability with respect to EU requirements, which will permit EU CCPs to provide services to US clearing members and clients whilst complying with certain corresponding EU requirements. The CFTC staff will also propose to streamline the registration process for EU CCPs wishing to register with them.”


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